Company Profile

Company Profile

Maple Innovation is a Canadian company first established in 2014, specializing in sales and promotion of Infrared thermal cameras, as well as in products for lease, and technical service and support.

Currently Maple Innovation sells various types of infrared thermal imaging cameras from different suppliers and also making its own infrared thermal imaging cameras here in Canada.

When first started in 2014, Maple Innovation has been provided excellent products and services to Canadian customers and around the global market. We have clients in North America, South America, and in the Middle East as well.

With the support from our great suppliers and also from our hard working Canadian engineers, we are very proud to say Maple Innovation will continue to sell and service wide range of thermal imaging products and software for industrial, electrical, construction, building inspection, security, vehicle safety to our great clients around the globe.

Maple Innovation, a thermal camera provider from Canada.

Core Values

Customer Commitment
Customer satisfaction is a top priority of every employee and it is a key of the company success.

Pioneering Technology

Mission Statement

Maple Innovation Inc. mission is to provide Canadian customers with advanced thermal imaging solutions, supported by excellent customer service, technical support and training.